Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I get the fake cake

I win the cake :)

The evil procrastination monster has been drawn.

Picture the scene:

3 hours into maths mocks and I should have been doing the final bit of checking. BUT NO. The temptation to doodle struck me like a kick to the gonads. My pen, no longer being controlled by my logical brain, began to doodle.

To cut a long story short I doodled a face on my calculator. I thought it was only fitting that he should be drawn by procrastination and so his face was found.

Then it struck me. He has a striking resemblance with a certain fictional character

Captain hook has a moustache.
Captain hook has a hook.
Peter Pan procrastinates about growing up. (could this have been hooks main aim?)
His nemesis is a crocodile who has swallowed a clock. (if you are currently laughing immaturely re-read)

and Captain cook once had sex withBanned due to super injunction.

So with exams coming up Be wary, Be warned, Be revising foo'. *multiple cringes*

Go to bed early and remember

The walls have Moustaches (auto correct would like this to be mustache)

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